Dinsdag, Maart 16, 2004

The Odyssey

Nie naastenby so roerend en intens soos die Iliad nie, maar baie meer leesbaar, vertelbaar en modern. 'n Rip-roaring storie, eintlik baie meer oor Odysseus se wraak op die suitors as sy lang reis terug na Ithaca.

"Then spake to him the swineherd, a master of men: Stranger, since thou askest and questionest me hereof, give heed now in silence and make merry, and abide here drinking wine. Lo, the nights now are of length untold. Time is there to sleep, and time to listen and be glad; thou needest not turn to bed before the hour; even too much sleep is vexation of spirit. But for the rest, let him whose heart and mind bid him, go forth and slumber, and at the dawning of the day let him break his fast, and follow our master's swine. But let us twain drink and feast within the steading, and each in his neighbour's sorrows take delight, recalling them, for even the memory of griefs is a joy to a man who hath been sore tried and wandered far. Wherefore I will tell thee that whereof thou askest and dost question me."

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